Monday, April 1, 2013

Simple Scripts for Rigging

Here is a collection of simple scripts I did during the intermediate rigging class at AnimSchool:

With this scripts you can:

-Snap objects to other transformation nodes
-Create joints in the middle of the selected verts, edges or objects
-Create a joint chain with the selected joints
-Create a Freeze Group for the selected objects
-Create a cluster for the selected verts, edges or objects
-Orient Joints
-Make visible/hidden the Joint Orient Attributes
-Save/Open selection

Download eRigging v0.1 shelf and scripts

The following scripts, need the UI, because its quite difucult to use them, so I will post them later:

-Ik/Fk Switch
-Stretch Ik
-Create Groups to include Set Driven Keys
-Space Switching

Any feedback or bug reports are welcome

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