Monday, April 22, 2013

Simple Ribbon

Hi, Here is a quick ribbon to import to your rigs, to use follow the next steps:

1.- Import it without namespace in you maya scene

2.- Use "Search and Replace Names..." for all the objects in your scene and replace "_replace_" for the name you want ("Spine", "ArmHiLf", "LegLoRt")

3.-Then, you snap and parent the groups organize the hierarchy. I suggest you parent the "Tp" and "Md" groups of the ribbon to the same controller(Top) and then the "Bt" to the bottom controller of your control rig.

4.- The skinned joints needs to be parented to the "Hook" groups ("grpRbnHook"... )


This ribbon support scaling.
This ribbon doesn't support more than 90 degrees in the "Z" axis, you would have to do some workaround to be able to do this.
This ribbon was done based in a workflow learned in AnimSchool with Ignacio Barrios

Monday, April 1, 2013

Simple Scripts for Rigging

Here is a collection of simple scripts I did during the intermediate rigging class at AnimSchool:

With this scripts you can:

-Snap objects to other transformation nodes
-Create joints in the middle of the selected verts, edges or objects
-Create a joint chain with the selected joints
-Create a Freeze Group for the selected objects
-Create a cluster for the selected verts, edges or objects
-Orient Joints
-Make visible/hidden the Joint Orient Attributes
-Save/Open selection

Download eRigging v0.1 shelf and scripts

The following scripts, need the UI, because its quite difucult to use them, so I will post them later:

-Ik/Fk Switch
-Stretch Ik
-Create Groups to include Set Driven Keys
-Space Switching

Any feedback or bug reports are welcome